03 مارچ 2010
You WHORE from the USA, whose PIMP is B. Obama, Zardari would not have been ruling our Country had it not been desired/manipulated in our damned and soon to be a doomed States! General De Gaulle had correctly said \\\"America is a country brought up in guns; shall go down with guns.\\\" We hope to see that day in the ensuing period. It is still time for you. America\\\'s to mend your ways of interfering in the affairs of the Muslim Ummah. Start going to your Churches for \\\'Confessions\\\' of your sins committed worldwide.
For the fourth time money-hungry P.P.P is in power
Records are being set for a new tallest Corruption Tower
With no fear of accountability and being shameless
The leadership is a Stooge for the West, you and I guess
Islamic laws introduced would have subdued the Militants
With Army in the Barracks, we could have less of irritants
A lesson has to be learnt by the Zardari family
Why did four Bhuttos left so tragically & abruptly
We got Pakistan with sacrifices and Allah\\\'s Blessings
Today, leaders gather wealth and ill-gotten dwellings
An over whelming number of our citizens are helpless
Deprived of food, clothes, health, education and happiness
A nominal percentage of the population has wealth
With most not fearing Allah and not caring for poor\\\'s health
We have to check the present conditions in our Country
Remove the sufferings of the poor and catch the Gentry
Get rid of the corrupt, black-marketers and the tax evaders
Earn honestly, live simple and be regular in Prayers
Administrative systems in all fields need to be revamped
Being an Islamic State Quranic authority be stamped
Fear only Allah and not any power on the earth
As regards leadership, in Pakistan there is no dearth
Affairs of the Country should be run by honest people
Who, at the end of their term, could be held accountable
The above was sent to the Ambassador of United States of America. Copy being sent to you!