Pakistan has been slowly trapped by our traditional enemy India using the porous borders of Afghanistan. Pakistan came into being based on two nations theory by Father of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah whereas the Hindu\\\'s never accepted the two nations\\\' theory due to their cunning thinking & \\\"Akhand Bharat\\\" approach. Since then, India wanted to destroy Pakistan. Following the same concept they slowly penetrated East Pakistan and created Mukti Bahini and due to our own failed leadership were able to break Pakistan into two. That was their first success which was with the principle of divide and rule.
Now they are after Pakistan\\\'s Sovereignty . They have now started working on various fronts to de-stabilize Pakistan. They do know that it is impossible to penetrate into Pakistan from Punjab and Sindh due to vigilant army presence. But somehow with the down fall of Taliban Government they took the huge advantage and used the pro Indian Northern alliance government and established few consulates in the Afghanistan near bordering cities of N.W.F.P & Balochistan and slowly sent their spies with arms and ammunition and loads of dollars to further break into Pakistan. They also started the International media war that Pakistan would be splitting into pieces by Sep, 2009. This remains the Military aspect of the short tern planning of cunning Hindu\\\'s mentality.
They also started the long term planning of slowly penetrating into & influencing the young generation of Pakistan by using the Indian media. Once one of the Indian Ambassador based in UAE who is also a prominent minister in the present Indian Government while addressing the Indian community said that India would \\\"DESTROY PAKISTAN WITH THE CULTURAL WEAPON AND THERE WILL BE A BHGAWAN IN EVERY PAKISTAN HOUSE IN THE SMALL TV SCREEN\\\" He further said they will also destroy Pakistan by \\\" CLOSING THE TAP OF WATER OF PAKISTAN AND THAT THEY WILL MAKE PAKISTAN A RAIGISTAN (DESERT)\\\".
They are very successful in there long term planning today as our younger generation unfortunately know all details of the Hindu religion, Probably they know more about Hinduism then Islam. This is an alarming situation. Its also alarming that our cable networks are flooded with Indian drama and music channels which are destroying the innocent brains and bringing in Hindu culture, Hindu religion and vulgarity which is acting as a slow poison for the innocent younger generation and we are all watching it and doing nothing. Pakistani\\\'s if they do not act right now, there will be no time to react later. This is the time that we should pressurize PEMRA to close the Indian channels as India do not allow a single Pakistani channels on their cable net work. We should also never allow India-Afghanistan road trade as it will destroy our billion dollar trade with Afghanistan.
Public voice should be raised collectively all over Pakistan, we know we have a lot of Pakistani\\\'s who have been purchased by Indian money and they will resist to this move but with the strong patriotism & nationalist approach, we would be able to raise our voices followed by poles to prove that majority does not want Indian Channels & its Culture to be imposed on us and they should be closed immediately.
All Pakistan channels should start this by boycotting the Indian programs etc.
We have planned series of activities to create the necessary hype followed by a
Seminar. We are destined to achieve our Objective to Shun the Indian Media out of Pakistan.