The hypocrisy of an anti-missile shield in the Persian Gulf

The United States is deploying anti-missile systems in the Arab countries of the southern Persian Gulf under the pretext that it wants to protect them from an alleged Iranian missile threat.
However, U.S. officials’ allegation that Iran is a threat to the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf is totally ridiculous because Iran is a friend of Arab nations and sees eye to eye with the Arab world on most issues, especially in regard to the Palestinian cause.
How can one believe that Iran is a threat to Arab nations at a time when Tehran is calling for the establishment of a regional security pact with its Arab neighbors and is making serious efforts to counter the propaganda that is meant to give the impression that Shia Iran is a threat to Sunni Arabs?
Contrary to popular belief, the Arab people love Iran. Opinion polls conducted by Western institutes have shown that the majority of Arab people are fond of Iran but hate the United States. Arab rulers are also well aware of this fact.
Arab people love Iran because of Tehran’s principled position toward the Islamic world, particularly Palestine, its friendly approach toward the Arab world, and its support for efforts to establish Islamic unity.
In light of all this, it is clear that it would be an extremely unwise move if Iran decided to antagonize or pose a military threat to its neighbors.
Even after the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war, during which certain Arab countries provided Saddam Hussein’s Baathist regime billions of dollars in financial assistance, Iran never thought of taking revenge.
But of course Iran expects its neighbors, which it calls brothers, to not place their lands at the disposal of the United States for the deployment of anti-missile systems.
If the U.S. is really concerned about the security of the Arab nations of the Persian Gulf, it must stop providing unconditional support to Israel, which has a stockpile of at least 200 nuclear weapons and poses the greatest security threat to the region.
It is obvious that the anti-missile systems are only meant to protect U.S. bases in the region and to provide logistical support for Israel’s intrigues.
(Cortesey Tehran Times)